About Crow Creek

You’ll get to Crow Creek in a car, but once you’re here, you’ll be tempted to get out and stroll. There is an inviting intimacy to the place that seems to call for a leisurely amble. You’ll feel you have the time to take it all in directly – that it would be a shame to view it through a windshield.

If you wander down one of Crow Creek’s gently winding streets, you’ll notice the charming ornamented streetlamps. You’ll note with pleasure that even something as small as a mailbox exhibits an enchanting attention to detail. You’ll see close at hand the evidence of artful landscaping, each patch of greenery placed precisely where it seems to belong.

The homes will seem to welcome passersby; their look will express the time-honored hospitality of the low country lifestyle. Whatever its particular design, each home and condominium seems open and inviting. Perhaps the best way to sum up the personality of the homes is this: If they were people, they’d probably wave at you as you pass by.