Sunset Beach

The gorgeous sunsets in this unique city are the very source if it’s name. Sunset Beach has quite a rich history dating back to the late 1950’s. With plenty of modern conveniences, the town still has a laid back appeal of simpler times. The city’s geography is especially alluring in that it consists of both a mainland as well as an island. Residents can enjoy fishing, sailing, or a walk on the beach then head back to town for a little dining and shopping.

It’s no surprise that Sunset Beach has managed to be included in National Geographic’s list of 21 best beaches in the world. Quite an impressive feat for such a small town. Part of the local charm is a beautiful story of a mailbox on the beach that holds letters and notes from strangers far and wide known simply as “Kindred Spirits”.

For visitors thinking of making a more permanent “stay-cation”, Sunset beach offers a wide array of options – from envious townhomes and condos, to unparalleled single family homes. Having a median listing price of around $387,000 there are options for homebuyers and investors alike.